I Bought A Rubber Ducky From Wish: Just Another Wish.com Review

No it’s not a giant USB but a tiny rubber ducky..

A lot of us have ordered from wish.com, a massive online market selling anything from clothing, gadgets, decorations, outdoor, novelties, homeware items..the list goes on. But how many of us has made the mistake of buying items without looking at the specifications? I made this same mistake buying just one rubber duck for my daughter and sadly because of her age I can’t give it to her as it’s a choking hazard. That’s my fault for buying the item as I assumed it would be ok as it says children’s bath toys. Also I thought it would be a regular sized duck as most that I have seen were. But all out I saw it and thought it would be a nice toy for her to splash around with.

When I arrived at the post office to collect my ducky, the lady handed me a very small package and immediately I knew something was strange. When I got home and opened it I couldn’t help but just laugh. My partner came in and asked me what was going on and he too thought it was hilarious. After about 5 minutes of tiny jokes I felt pretty crap about spending $5.00 on something so small (it’s my fault because I didn’t read the description). I mean it’s cute and all but I have a one year old that will eat anything, probably even the duck lol.

This really looks like false advertising

I’ve ordered many items from wish.com, some items have let me down and others have been amazing. The big way they will reel in impulse buyers is the ‘FREE JUST PAY SHIPPING’ method and daily spins for discounted prices on your recommended products. Alot of people will automatically jump on to these deals as you only have 10 minutes to accept any deals on the daily spins page. More will buy right then rather than taking time to compare prices, sellers and of course quality.

With so many deals, discounts and cool looking items it can make it hard sometimes to find that right product you just end up spending all that time window shopping and adding items to lists. This is the other downside I found to shopping on wish.com. Because of the high amount of products and sellers you will have to take time to sift through all the same branded items to find the one that has a higher sell rating. At the end of it all you just give up and move on to ebay or amazon (last resort).

The upside to wish.com? Even though there are thousands of knock off brands, cheap off sized plastic toys/items and ‘weird’ clothes sizing you just have to be patient, dig deep (pocketwise lol) and really read the specifications, shipping details and description of the items you would like to purchase. As I said earlier not all products are knockoffs. A year ago I purchased a large mouse pad and a microphone set and they are both my favorite items and I’m very happy with the quality and prices.

My Main Domain

Other items include a Triumph flag (for my partner), some baby clothes, Pokemon keychain (hanging off the microphone) and the cat ears (also hanging off the microphone). All of these items I’ve been quite satisfied with, quality wise and price. We just have to pay attention to what we are buying because your money is at stake here and not only that but we need to take care of the danger some of these items have.

I’m definately not going to give my ducky I bought to my daughter, I might just turn it into a cute keychain. Some other cheap toys aimed at kids can easily break so reading the specs will save the risk. I didn’t read the description which tells you the size of the item, I would not have bought it then. Mistakes can happen and you can always get a refund.

So keep an eye out as some items aren’t what they seem. Read the reviews at the bottom and the description, even check to see if you can get the same item for a lower price. You’ll eventually find what you’re looking for.

Have fun shopping with Wish.com 😉👍

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