Earning Money With InfuencerCash: Monetise Your Social Media.

>>Earn $25.00 when you sign up, $2.00 per link click and $10 when you refer others.<<

What is InfluencerCash?

InfluencerCash is a website that allows you to earn money by completing offers and downloading games and applications to try. Once you complete the offer, you can earn up to $30 and will be payed out once per month. Payout can be by PayPal, BTC, Check or Cash App. You can earn higher payouts by promoting InfluencerCash with Youtube or with social media such as Facebook, Twitter and more


Surveys, Questionaires and Prize Offers ~ $20 – $30

Game and Application Offers ~ $20

YouTube Submission ~ $50

Instagram Submission ~ $10

Facebook Submission ~ $10

Twitter Submission ~ $10

☆ You can only Submit these posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram every 48 hrs. However, you can use your special referral link and Promotional Posts at any time. You can find the Promotional Posts page on your dashboard menu top left of the screen.

Using your link and promoting posts is fairly simple. In the Promotional Posts section, copy your unique link and choose an ad picture from the selection provided. Save the picture to your pc or mobile (long press and select ‘save image’ on mobile device). The next step is to choose what ever social media you would like to share it on and then paste your link in to your post space, write something about it then upload the ad picture and click share.

A great tip is you can also use this as an offer for new followers you get in the future. Send and introductory inbox or DM explaining InfluencerCash and what they offer. Each person that clicks on your unique link earns you $2 every person that signs up earns you $20. Sounds great doesn’t it? The more you share the higher chance you have earning more. Be warned as any false clicks can result in you not recieving your payment or account ban.

Promotional Posts

You also have the chance of completing tasks on the Task Wall more than once by using multiple devices. YES, you are allowed to do this. If you are using a pc you can also use your mobile to complete the same offers again earning twice as much from the Task Wall.

>>So if your interested give it a try and start earning now!<<

Use the link just below to sign up now and earn your first introductory $25.00


>>Good Luck<<

A BIG Thankyou from @JovanCo68125175 for sharing this with me. Follow him on Twitter at $500ADay.

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