Is the new iPhone 11 triggering Trypophobia sufferers?

Two cameras; A photographers dream, while others cringe in disgust. But why? (CONTAINS TRIGGER IMAGES)

While Apple lovers are already pre ordering the new release of the iPhone 11, which will be avaliable on the 20th Sep, people are already complaining that the look of the cameras is triggering their trypophobia. While it may seem unusual to others but some people with this phobia are fearing that it can cause stress and unease if people are using the phones around them. It sounds strange how a couple of cameras can freak people out, but looking at the phobia itself explains how shapes can affect people’s perception and cause these strange symptoms.

What is Trypophobia?

Trypophobia has had some fair research done over the years and is described as an aversion to irregular patterns, holes or bumps, more specifically parasitic looking patterns.

Image: Lotus Seeds
Image: Beehive
Image: Glass Bubbles

The above images are the most common triggers of Typophobia. Clustered circular patterns, the main reason of the effect is that it can resemble parasitic wounds eg: botfly, mango worms. Most consider it being an automatic nervous reaction very similar to how our body tells us that something may be too hot to touch like hot running water, we have the uncontrolled movement where our nervous system moves our hand out of the heat before thinking about doing it. While seeing these images or patterns do the same most research explains that it may be linked to the fear of disease.

Common symptoms can include:

  • Shuddering
  • Itching
  • Nausia
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Sweats
  • Increased Heart Rate

Can it be treated?

Like a lot of other fears and phobias the most effective treatment is gradually easing into feeling more comfortable around these fears. Musophobia is the fear of mice so most sufferers can start by simply viewing an image of a mouse, then moving on to viewing the physical mouse (in a cage mind you) then eventually touching. All steps take time depending on the individual and just like learning a schedule or brushing your teeth, your body should eventually get used to these fears. YouTube has Trypophobia triggers galore and it’s becoming a theme for guilty pleasures just under the pimple popping craze. Jigger (chigoe flea) removal is the biggest trigger so far. It’s the removal of chigoe parasitic fleas from the human body, mostly affecting the arms, legs, feet and hands. These little guys burrow under the skin and have to be removed by tweezers. They are mostly native to Central and South Africa.

About those cameras..

Now it is pretty obvious that Apple had no idea that it would affect anyone this way. The extra cameras features are aimed at photographers and selfie addicts, we use cameras more than we used to in the past and with so many beautiful things and places, don’t you want that perfect shot?

Image: Camera Lens

With the new specs, regular photos/selfies are more focused in lower light and landscape pictures capture more with the new Ultra Wide lens. If you’re a travel blogger or photographer it’s perfect for taking wider pictures for landscape subjects. This is really the only reason for the extra camera. A lot of people are being affected by the placement of the cameras, a small mistake at no ones fault. It may affect sales as there are complaints that people will suffer from anxiety and stress due to people using the phones around them. If people could understand the reasoning of the design they might feel a bit more comfortable and truthfully, there is no law saying you have to buy one. If you are still willing to buy one pre-order now or wait for the official release on the 20th.

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