PJCO Announcement// 11-05-19

Every now and then ProjectCyber0 will feature special announcement’s regarding special offers only available during holidays ( Xmas, Easter, School Holidays ect). All other announcements including Thank You notices and any issues concerning the website will also be displayed under the Notice Board on the home page.

This would be the first official Notice for PJCO so for new users, Welcome to ProjectCyber0 and thank you for taking the time to view my website.

For a bit more of a know how of what this website is based on you’ll find a range of content circulated around the cyber world. Cyber scam investigations regarding emails, fake websites and fake profiles from around the web are investigated and uploaded for scam victims and future scam victims to know the potential risks when dealing with these scammers. Phishing and Romance scams are infecting the web lately and these guys need to be known and stopped as each year thousands of dollars are taken from “targets” due to faking contact forms, login sites and impersonating others. Some of these guys are amatures while others have quite the skill with design and can make you believe that you’re logging into Apple’s legitimate Itunes. With the tricks they use you might feel a bit angry, guilty or even embarrassed when you find out your credit card has been accessed without your knowledge, when all you did was follow instructions from an email you thought was from Apple to just check your account details. Its not your fault, or Apple’s in that case, they’re the victims in this too causing you to shift the blame on a well known company while hiding the real culprit.

Apart from the scammer’s info, there are product reviews also based on electronics and gadgets plus links to great products from Amazon and Gearbest.com. I do earn commissions for promoting these products so occasionally coupons and special offers may pop up, take advantage of these deals as they won’t be around for long. YouTube and other videos can be gladly linked as I would love to share and promote others to help them on their cyber-journey, so any new ytubers and media creators are welcome.

Next notice will feature comment answers on certain topics. I recently got asked how to combat spam comments multiplying in your approved comments section, distracting you from reading feedback.

My tip as I’ve commonly seen in my spam is the name of the person seems to have no space between the first and last:

Proxie info is not a bother to me but the last time I approved one of these, the multiplying started happening. The only fix I found was fishing through all of them until the last spam comment of the same user was deleted, thankfully I caught them early otherwise I would have been there a while.

Since this website is a little over 7 months old, i’ve been blown away with the great comments from everyone and would like to thank everyone for the positivity as i’m actually a new blogger/WordPress user and truthfully I didn’t even know it would catch this much attention so far but I couldn’t be happier to keep going with this. I spend a majority of my spare time learning as much as I can to compile and create new content, currently 2D game design 🕹. I hope I can eventually make PJC0 a friendly and informative place for others.

Thank you again, keep an aye out for more posts and announcements ✌

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