This Dude….! >Instagram Visa Scam<

There are over a few million or more, Instagram accounts active today. As we upload, like, comment and browse you’re bound to get a few followers yourself. As you increase your “clan” you may come across a few users that take advantage of their account in some way. Like any social media platform, there’s always a risk of having your heart broken or just getting plain scammed. As we’ll just call him “This Dude” some people are just straight to the point, or just plain dumb.

Have you ever met someone and 10 minutes in they say “Hey! I love you, I want to marry you!” Crazy right? I couldn’t believe my eyes when I received this inbox, I hadn’t noticed till an hour later. He was quick to reply though and I really hoped my phone wouldn’t run out of juice because of how funny this guy was.

I was a bit nervous hoping that he spoke English, I learned probably 2% french in grade one and two, colours and numbers really (ended up changing schools) but this is where it gets interesting, note that I had mentioned that I’m in a relationship…

After calling him out on the visa trick, (minus my bad spelling lol) I thought this was it. I decided to be polite and wish him a Merry Christmas and what not and also lighten the mood with the “I love Australia too”.

Not a chance…

After pressing the fact of Why? I decided to play HIS game, For fun.

Eventually, he wasn’t going to crack, I was. Even after i called him out I was the one getting tired of it. So I ended it. “Hes not going to get the picture!” I told myself. After thinking that the would’ve eventually gotten the idea that im not going to fall for this, I wonder to myself, “Has he really tried this on people, or is it just his first time?”

Well, NOW i ended it.

Apparently he thinks im still going to help him with his visa issue. Ive never met someone so calmly ignorant, after sending the Facepalm Deadpool gif, (lol) I got a like back from him and then decided to block the conversation as this guy was obviously not going to give up.

After checking out the profile theres only one photo but he has a few hundred followers/following. There are loads of applications and computer software that can let you mine followers without even posting, or even using instagram so it makes it hard to find out wether they are legit user accounts or just there to scam other users. Be watchful of other users like this as they might use some pretty hard tactics or just be as blunt as “This Dude”.

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