PJCO Announcement// 11-05-19

Every now and then ProjectCyber0 will feature special announcement’s regarding special offers only available during holidays ( Xmas, Easter, School Holidays ect). All other announcements including Thank You notices and any issues concerning the website will also be displayed under the Notice Board on the home page. This […]

Fake Apple Emails/04/05/19/

Fake Apple emails have been circulating for a while now convincing users that their account may be at risk. While some of these can contain “receipts” to show proof of purchase of an item used with your account and credit card, the transaction never actually took place and […]

PJC0 Announcement-24-05-19

24-05-19 PJC0 Announcement Review A few people have asked lately about problems with RSS viewing for this website and information about my contact details so I would like to announce the release of ProjectCyber0’s first Android Application. Currently only available on the android app-store, users can access this […]

Miss Anita Sianga.

Please dear. Reply to me after reading this email. Through the hundreds of spam emails I still recieve in my old account, it doesn’t matter how many life insurance, Obama care or “free gift” scams I recieve, the ones that intrigue me the most are the Nigerian and […]

Top Gearbest Offers: Games And Accessories.

Consumer Electronics For Low Prices. Browse for the best prices in popular electronic products available from Gearbest. This Weeks Collection: Gocomma Built-in 400 Classic Games Handheld Game Console – $15.99Retail Price: $17.60You Save: $1.61from: GearBest Gocomma Built-in 400 Classic Games Handheld Game Console – $15.99Retail Price: $17.60You Save: […]

MIFARE Ultralight NFC Smart Ring.

Multifunctional, Waterproof and Stylish- Product Review. After waiting two weeks I finally received my NFC (Near Field Communication) Smart ring. With many different styles and sizes, you’ll have to take your time and scroll through a few, maybe hundreds of rings to find the right quality and of course low […]